Spring Renewal!

It’s felt like a long, grey winter and hopefully this weekend’s display of sleet, ice and rain will be the last of it.  Like most of us, I could use some sunshine!

This is my first post of 2018 and although I’d like to continue sharing information about how your body works (the wonders of anatomy and physiology), I just haven’t had the chance to write. I have been busy with other projects!

Jennifer Herring Osteopathy #DevtTO

In February I presented a talk to Toronto’s tech community #DevTO and  we discussed some tips to help your body feel better at work! This is an important subject in this day and age since many of us are sitting at a computer for most of our day.

Many people come into my office with neck pain, shoulder tension and low back pain as result of repetitive postural habits.  An important take-home point is get moving more often and use your body in different ways!  Click here  to read more on the subject!

In March I spoke at The Pink Portfolio on “The Harmonious Body”.  During this evening we discussed why an osteopathic manual practitioner looks at the body as a whole functioning unit and how to consider this principle in everyday life!  We talked about how the anatomy and physiology of the body weaves together and this allows our body to function in all the of fascinating ways that it does.  With little effort on our part, the anatomy and physiology of the body work together to constantly heal and renew.

This reminds me a bit of spring!  Forces are at work that revive the environment around us, crocuses break through the ground, buds grow on the trees and out outside world comes alive.

Book your manual osteopathy appointment and get your body working for you this spring!

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Photo by Kornél Máhl