COVID-19 Clinic Procedures


I'm excited to be opening for treatment again!  I can't wait to see you!

As I’m sure you’re all well aware, this isn’t “business as usual” and there are changes in clinic protocol in order to maximize physical distancing and minimize touch points and potential exposure.

First, please be assured that although I have already been cleaning and practicing hand hygiene between every appointment, I will now be following all the appropriate guidelines that have been put out by the Ministry of Health, Public Health and my association in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  As a result, I have scheduled set cleaning/sanitizing time between every appointment and there will be fewer appointments offered each day.  Please arrive on-time as this extra time allocated between appointments is for sanitizing and won't be given in lieu of late arrivals.

Here’s a list of changes you’ll find in the preparation for, and experience of your appointments going forward.  

Please review these Covid-19 protocols and reach out if you have questions before your appointment.


If you have an appointment scheduled and you are feeling unwell, or experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 (fever, shortness of breath, fatigue, loss of sense of smell/taste, etc.), please self isolate and contact public health.  Contact me as soon as possible so that we can cancel and reschedule your appointment. 

I will also be self monitoring before clinic shifts.


Bookings can be made through the online booking site, phone or email.  If you have questions about booking, please reach out to me directly through phone or email.  I aim to respond to messages within one business day. 

If this is your first appointment you must fill out your online intake form before arriving at the clinic.


Within 24 hours of your appointment you will receive a Covid-19 screening questionnaire and consent form to fill out.  These will be sent through the booking system.  (Make sure to include emails from my booking system to your safe email list so that they arrive in your inbox!)  

This screening must be filled out before arriving at the clinic for every appointment until further notice.   

Screening must be completed successfully and honestly in order to go ahead with your appointment.


Wear a mask to your appointment.  If you don’t have one, I will give you a disposable mask that must be worn throughout your treatment, and until after you leave the clinic.

I will also be wearing a mask and safety glasses for appointments.  In some cases, I may also wear a face shield.


To maintain physical distancing, only enter the clinic within 5 minutes of your appointment start time - there is no longer a “waiting area” within the clinic.  

Plan ahead to account for traffic, parking and TTC delays. 

Wear clothing appropriate for treatment to the clinic.  You will be treated in the clothing that you arrive in.  Avoid skirts, dresses and tight, restrictive pants. Please limit the amount of bags and belongings that you bring with you.


Use hand sanitizer when entering the clinicbefore you exit, and throughout your appointment as needed. You may also use the sink in the washroom to wash your hands with soap.

To avoid contamination, please dispose of any gloves that you’ve been wearing during your travels upon entry to the clinic. 


I will be checking your temperature with a contactless thermometer.

If you have a fever greater than 37.8°, you will be asked to leave the clinic and contact your doctor for further evaluation.


Attend your appointment alone.  Exceptions to this are if you are in need of a caregiver, or if you are the guardian for a child’s appointment. 

If there is a guest attending the appointment, please indicate this when booking.  Guests will also need to successfully complete covid pre-screening, and follow mask and hand hygiene protocols.


Please arrive on time for your appointment, and respect the 24-hour cancellation policy – if you are running late and your appointment needs to be rescheduled, or need to cancel within the 24-hour cancellation window, or miss your appointment, you will be required to pay for the appointment and will receive an invoice the same day.

Thank you in advance for keeping everyone safe by following these protocols!

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